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Tuath Housing

Case Brief

Tuath Housing wanted a new website that is dynamic, modern, and user-friendly which would also serve as the main platform for their:
  • developers and financiers - to showcase the scale and scope of work they do and the quality of their delivery, and
  • tenants - as an easy-to-use hub to assist tenants with all their needs such as rent payments, maintenance, engagement, and the like.
  • Graphic Design
  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • SEO

Non-Profit - Social Housing


Tuath Housing own and manages over 6,500 homes nationwide with over 18,000 tenants. We saw and understood their need for a robust website that would cater to all the needs of their visitors and traffic. Taking into consideration their diverse audience and demographics, we made sure that the website is easy to navigate and that all information on the site is accurate and up to date.


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We kept constant open communication with the clients and their stakeholders; we kept them updated with all changes and asked for their feedback. It is the key to every successful project.

We made sure that the main menu headings are structured in a clear and straightforward manner for the visitors - whether they are a tenant or developers/financiers, it is easy for them where to click to get the information they need. We used drop-down sub-menus for lesser clicks, clear call-to-action buttons, a clean layout, and footer details with quick links.

Proudly, we were able to meet Tuath Housings’ goals for a great interface and experience for their end users. We also provided support and training for their team so they can easily manage and update their website on their own.

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