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Our Mission

The Irish Media Agency is a web design, web development and digital marketing agency with a difference. Our company was founded with a rebellious spirit and soaring objective: to value our clients and employees equally.

Our goal is to provide a place where straight-talking professionals can work closely with clients. We work hard to ensure their vision is made a reality in an efficient and value-adding way.

value focus

Value Focused

We use the latest technology and trends to provide your company with unique and practical solutions to highlight your brand’s personality. Our team of highly skilled web design and development professionals will empower you with the tools and applications needed to achieve your desired results.

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Meet the senior team at IMA

Emmet McNally
Emmet McNally Founder and Director of Accounts

Emmet handles new business and client strategy... and enjoys desserts more than most. His job is to make sure that every client has a direct point of contact and to communicate the client requirements to the team. You won't be sent from department to department, with one point of contact, just pick up the phone or email and start chatting straight away.

We are a full-service web and social media agency. We create beautiful websites and engaging experiences for brands communicating with their customers. Our phenomenal growth is a direct result of helping our clients win again and again, through long-term partnerships, and a foundation built on reliability.

We care about our clients because we enjoy what we do. We also care a lot about our team. Our employees share in a portion of our profits so you can be sure that your success and long-term business is always an important factor for our whole team. We also have a doggy-friendly studio because a happy team is a creative team!

Lorna Dowd
Director of Operations

Lorna makes sure the wheels don't fall off. Her job is to oversee the quality of all projects and to get right down into the nitty-gritty to produce the best results. A budding photographer and social media expert who loves helping businesses grow.

Twila Jayme
Account and Project Manager

We’re a tight-knit team and we’re always ready to take on the next challenge together. No matter the time or day, if you need us, we’ll be there to help with a quick response and no delays.

Luke Dowd
Account Manager

Luke has a strong foundation in project management and extensive experience in analytics and accounts management, he is known for his exceptional attention to detail, especially with content. His skills and experiences make him a valuable asset to our team, driving success and client satisfaction in every venture.

Andrew Fitz
Development Team Lead

Andy is a developer, tech enthusiast and "chipper" connoisseur. His job is to work on the trickier development projects while managing the rest of the development team.

Anupam Paul
Design Team Lead

Anupam is our ultra-serious designer genius. Design is his passion, as is wearing sunglasses on a cloudy day. We tried to get him to smile for the photo, this was the best one.
But if you want a well-thought-through, beautiful, functional design, Anupam and the team he manages are the ones to deliver.

rohit kumar
Rohit Kumar
Lead Software Developer

Rohit is a senior software developer with a master’s degree in computer science and engineering. His goal is to create code that not only solves problems effectively but also enhances and inspires user experiences. He aims to design software solutions that meet today's challenges and also prepare for future needs, continually pushing the limits of what's possible.

CWO - Chief Woof Officer

Eva is in charge of making sure the whole office gets plenty of exercise, demanding walks on a regular basis. A no-nonsense attitude to lack-luster cuddles, Eva alerts and announces all to new packages or people arriving at the office. She will also alert to a fly buzzing, a noise in the distance or any noise for that matter with a cacophony of barking.

CFO - Chief Fetch Officer

Sandy's role involves pestering any would-be victims into throwing a ball or stick. Her senior position in the organisation means that she can't be blamed for any chewed shoes, gadgets or even... awards. You leave your lunch on your desk at your own peril!

What we do

  • World-class digital
  • Listen and communicate
  • Offer expert advice
  • Obsess over user experience
  • Value relationships
  • Highlight opportunities
  • Come up with solutions
  • Track results
  • Exceed expectations

What we don't

  • Accept failure
  • Resist cake
  • Sacrifice quality for profit
  • Overpromise
  • Lose at Mario Kart
  • Work for free
  • Egos
  • Impossible deadlines
  • Break trust

We are a full-service agency with award winning web design, web development and digital marketing. We guarantee a high impact solution for all your digital needs.

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