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Kilkenny Walking Tours

Case Brief

Kilkenny Walking Tours is a long-standing walking tour business for almost 40 years and they wanted to showcase this vast experience and knowledge to more tourists which is what sets them apart from their competitors.
  • Graphic Design
  • Wordpress Implementation
  • Plugins Modification

Commercial Businesses


They wanted to extend and communicate the experience throughout the website to captivate the tourists’ interests and engage with them, bringing them quickly along the conversion process for sales.

The more challenging part came with the layout as we wanted to keep the historical and medieval theme while making it modern and engaging.


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We successfully created an interactive map where people can get a taste of what the tour will bring. This has helped to increase sales. The map listed all the tourist attractions that one can enjoy and experience throughout.

The book now button is visible across the website so visitors will not miss this primary website goal to drive sales.

Overall, we were able to make the whole design layout clean with only subtle elements of Kilkenny attractions. Not distracting, but showing what Kilkenny has to offer.

We also helped the business with SEO; we did keyword research and inserted these profitable keywords into their content in order to bring more traffic to their website and raise awareness among various tourists.

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