Case Brief

SpunOut was stuck in a website development project for nearly a year. It was far from finished and their previous development agency had stepped away from the project due to the level of difficulty. They needed a new agency to step in and pick up the project, evaluating what we could save and what we needed to build moving forward.

  • Social Media Management
  • Graphic Design
  • Wordpress Implementation
  • Plugins Modification
  • Project Maintenance

Commercial Businesses


I've had the pleasure to work with the IMA team when we were building our new website and I would recommend them as great partners to work with on any digital project. From the outset, IMA took the time to understand who we were as an organization, what our goals are with our website built and to make sure that the package that they were given to us provided us with the best value and was able to meet needs that we had. I think the best thing about the relationship was how strong communication was. There was never a time where I was chasing anybody to get the work done. Emmet was always three steps ahead of us and was always Proactive the communication, making sure that they were driving things forward. I am really happy with the service and the value we got from working with the IMA and I'd be happy to recommend them to anybody.

~ Kevin O'Brien, spunout


Multiple developers and outsourced agencies had been trying to build the website on SpunOut’s behalf. We had to navigate lots of custom plugins, database issues and poorly written code.


Given the open-ended nature of the requirement, we proposed our Dedicated Resource solution where we provided a developer and/or a designer to the client for a fixed amount of time. A project manager was then provided on top of this to manage the rebuild overall.

We implemented a full security review, removed any irrelevant code and systems and developed a to-do list with the client. We took the time to develop the key overarching issues and tackled them first. Then we kept going through the site working out the bugs as they appeared.

A dedicated resource means that we can manage a large amount of work faster, without interruptions, resulting in more value for our clients. We are a highly skilled team, walking away from a project for us would be a “mortal-sin” in our book. It just doesn’t happen. If you’ve a digital issue, we solve it. Period.

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