Steps in Moving to Another Website Agency

by Emmet McNally

How do I move to another website developer or agency
  • Step 1: Find a new web agency who can facilitate the change.
  • Step 2: Open communication with your current agency.
  • Step 3: Define your current situation. What are your main fears?
  • Step 4: Is your website a custom-built website or does it use an open-source content management system such as Wordpress?
  • Step 5: Do you have a contract with your current agency?
  • Step 6: Get all required access to your current site.
  • Step 7: Ask your current agency for a full back-up of your current website.
  • Step 8: What to do if you are currently mid-project but very unhappy with the current agency?
  • Step 9: You need to set a deadline for the change to happen.