It’s all about the team

We are a full-service web and social media agency. We create beautiful websites and engaging experiences for brands communicating with their customers. Our phenomenal growth is a direct result of helping our clients win again and again, through long-term partnerships, and a foundation built on reliability.

We care about our clients because we enjoy what we do. We also care a lot about our team. Our employees share in a portion of our profits so you can be sure that your success and long-term business is always an important factor for our whole team. We also have a doggy-friendly studio because a happy team is a creative team!

Our Mission

The Irish Media Agency was founded with a rebellious spirit and soaring objective: to value our clients and employees equally and to provide a place where straight talking professionals can work closely with clients so that their vision is made a reality in the most efficient and effective way.

This translates into being a happy and enjoyable environment to work in. Treating our clients with continued respect and not becoming an agency that just tries to squeeze the most money out for the least amount of work.

It’s about being good people doing wonderful and rewarding work. We care about our family, community and pets. We will always be a pet-friendly agency!

Value Focused

We use the latest technology and trends to provide your company with unique yet practical solutions that highlight your brand’s personality. Our team of highly skilled professionals will empower you with the tools and applications you need to achieve your desired results. If you want to start seeing real results online then we are the people to help you implement this.

We are available from 8:30am - 9pm 7days a week!

  • 138

    Websites Built

    We can help you design everything from business cards to websites and everything in-between. We have had a couple of strange requests but we have never failed to impress.

  • 80

    Google Ads Accounts Managed

    When you know your target audience, few other mediums can be as effective as Google Ads. We build campaigns that show a return of at least 6 times the value of the investment.

  • 30

    Social Media Profiles Managed

    A rapidly growing part of our business is in the area of Social Media. We aim to bring your business to the largest in your sector as we've done for a lot of our clients from scratch. For example, Focus Ireland now has the largest Social Media presence in their sector - with a combined social reach larger than the other top 5 organisations combined.

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    Combined Years of Experience

    Our team has a combined experience of over 31 years. There are few problems out there that we have not tackled in the past so you can always be assured of a speedy solution.

Our Story

  • 01 Sep 2012

  • In the Beginning

    They say that every business had to start somewhere… even after a decade in the Web & Social Media industry Emmet still had to find that one web agency that stood out from the rest as passionate, dedicated and flexible enough to be able to respond to any issue at a moment’s notice. September 1st was the day that search ended and Emmet would begin to build that agency!

  • The Website

    Emmet gathers the best and brightest from wherever they were hiding and the Irish Media Agency website officially launches. With that our consulting days begin. Sleepless nights and work filled weekends begin to bear fruit and we take on our first two big clients. Throw in a couple of awards and it hasn't been a bad few months.

  • 13 Jan 2013

  • 15 Mar 2014

  • The Office

    The office in Howth, Dublin is ready and the team now have a base of operations! The early days supporting charities in their online efforts have begun to grow the IMA name… still a lot of hard work to go.

  • The Recipe for first 24 months

    Add a couple of websites, a sprinkling of video development, several social media contracts (including creating the Focus Ireland 200k Facebook phenomenon), a pinch of mobile apps, more graphics designed than we can count and you have a very good first year.

  • 23 Sep 2014

  • 18 Oct 2014

  • The Team

    We go international and begin contracting consultants overseas to get the best experts so we can produce the best results.

  • The Search for the Second Office

    It’s a new year and a second office is needed, if not just for somewhere with a dog friendly park nearby. Dublin city centre is the location of choice but competition is tight and the search continues.

  • 08 Jan 2019

  • 15 Feb 2019

  • The Future

    Stay tuned folks. A second office in Dublin City Centre is due shortly, followed by a third in the UK. Not to worry we won’t ever lose our close relationships that we have with our clients, scratch that, friends. We will keep our small agency values and do whatever it takes to show the world how much value can be gained online.


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