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IOM Ireland (United Nations)

Case Brief

The International Organization for Migration wanted an online presence that would allow struggling migrants to apply to return to their home country, receive training and establish a job/business when they returned home.

  • Website Development
  • Mobile-Responsive
  • Consultation
  • Planning

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IOM Ireland (United Nations) has a difficult message to get out there. Migrants with different languages, cultures and circumstances are a challenging audience to reach in a way that they will trust. On top of this, the IOM is an agency with hundreds of offices around the world. Their online presence had to fit into their brand, link into their CRM and also answer to multiple different stakeholders.

What makes the Irish Media Agency different is their ability to really listen to our needs. From conception through to completion of our project, the team’s dedication and support was exceptional. They are truly redefining the term customer service!

~ James Harold, International Organization for Migration


Key to our success here was the time we took at the start of the project to get to know the stakeholders involved. We worked closely with them to establish a clear specification that would fulfil all requirements.

It became evident that we needed to use Social Media and their website to begin changing perceptions and build confidence in a large organisation or government agency. We also needed to develop a website and marketing strategy that would be for users internationally as well as nationally.

The best way to do this was to highlight real-life stories, in their own languages by sourcing local translators. The stories of those who had returned home and had support put in place to help them go back to education, set up a business or work in their own community. Some still had challenging times ahead but always they could come back to IOM for advice and support.

We built a website and promoted social media advertising campaigns, along with a mobile application to achieve these goals. Working with IOM Ireland (United Nations), we made it easier for users to trust, get information, participate in training and get in contact.

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