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50% of Websites are Now Encrypted

1 year ago · 1 min read

A milestone has been passed with now over 50% of websites becoming encrypted using HTTPS.

Both Google and Mozilla now report that at least 50% of web traffic from their respective browsers is encrypted with HTTPS, the secure internet protocol that helps protect users from tracking and other malicious activities.

The nonprofit EFF and other privacy advocates have been encouraging wider adoption of HTTPS for years but progress has been relatively slow. Even now, many mainstream websites and services still use the less secure HTTP protocol, or don't turn on HTTPS for everyone by default.

Even companies like Google, which has been a strong advocate for HTTPS, have challenges in implementing the standard across all their services. The company said last year that 77 percent of requests to its servers, not including YouTube, were encrypted with HTTPS.

The question is, should a website be SSL secured when it doesn't contain any secured data? Google now rank SSL encrypted sites higher so with times changing it might be best to fork out the €130 odd and get on board the SSL train.

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